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A Lean workplace available all year round to discover :
The support tools for LEAN Manufacturing processes and the best practices of Visual Management in large industrial groups.



This new company-oriented space is a place for visits, conferences and exchanges—and for looking to the future.

The 300 sq. metre ideas laboratory is a discovery circuit of industrial situations that will send you home with a head full of ideas and innovations.

PRESENTATION of SESA SYSTEMS products in industrial situations.

ADVICE & DEMONSTRATION of the sesa systems know-how, to assist companies' strategic thinking and their implementation of "fi eld" solutions founded on the sesa systems concept.

ASSISTANCE: SESA SYSTEMSspecialists offer companies a diagnosis and give advice on the best suited lean management tools for their environment.

DESIGN of specific tools for specific company needs: sesa systems selects and confi gures its tools to match requirements and work spaces: production of a specifi c catalogue dedicated to the company or group to facilitate orders for determined items.

• INDUSTRY 4.0: Interactive digital animation
• Computer hardware protection
• Quality Assurance points

• The full range of Visual Management products

• The tools to implement a 5S, TPM, KANBAN
Ground and air signage

• Lean Office

• Dynamic storage: LEANDYNAMIC

• Project Starter Kit and Games



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