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Who are we ?

In October, 1990, Jean-Paul Lerailler founded SESA SYSTEMS with for mission and objective: the organization of the quality in production. As front runner, he created and developped innovative products which have revolutionised the work of the operators with the first QUALITY POINTS and IT protection stations. Then he created the SESA SYSTEMS Concept dedicated to the LEAN Manufacturing tools with the originality of the Aluminium design. Its innovative products are internationally recognized by 8 patents and 240 registered designs.

As world leader in LEAN Enterprise, SESA SYSTEMS delivers products around the world, to a number of industrial sectors.
In 2018 discover our innovative program Industry 4.0!



The Important dates

1990 Setting-up of SESA SYSTEMS, the products are designed and manufactured on the production site in France. 2009 Creation of  APPROACH :  a new and revolutionary training method with training kits.
1991-1997 Development of innovative products. Creation of the QUALIPOST product line and the first visual management boards, ESPACE’INFO, MOD’INFO. Creation of MAINTPOST and NETPOST (TPM and 5S projects) products. Development of specific aluminium bars. 2010 Creation of the LEAN Manufacturing product line with 2350 references.
1998 Construction of a new production site in France followed by extensions in 2002 and 2007. 2012 A new LEAN Office catalogue to simplify office organisation.
1999-2003 International development, initial subsidiaries in Germany and Belgium, distributors in Spain and Portugal. ISO 9001 certification. 2013 International development  with  new sites in Europe and in North America.
2003 The research & development service gains ever more effective tools (3D software). 2014 Creation of the dynamic storage LEANDYNAMIC. New distributors in Italy and Tunisia.
2004-2013 Expansion of the range of products, with 150 new products each year, an aluminium design covering the entire range and confirmed international development. 2015 International dimension established, with an e-business site and a high-performance logistics platform. New distributors in Poland and Morocco.
2004 Development of a continuous improvements policy. 2016 Creation of 2 subsidaries in Luxembourg and Germany. Integration of barcodes to ensure customer satisfaction. 11 ACADEMY abroad.
2006 Creation of SESA SYSTEMS PROGRESS targeting visual management for production performance. LEAN Manufacturing develops in parallel. 2017 New catalogue Lean Enterprise and Industrie 4.0. Creation of a subsidiary in New York for the North American market. A new distributor in Russia.