Learning Continuous Improvement methods by playing

Expert in continuous improvement, SESA SYSTEMS develops for several years the training by the game on these subjects and proposes to you to implement them in your company


A futuristic aluminum design and accessible to all for the accommodation layout, Show Room, meeting room. This new catalog brings together innovative lighting solutions that revolutionize the way lighting is used.

Visual Management of Performance

Visual management means: reacting and waiting for a reaction from the operator to activate improvement and motivation in the best conditions for the fulfillment of all. This organization allows everyone to follow synthetic indicators, such as Quality, Costs, Delay, Motivation (Human Resources), Safety, Environment as well as company policy, new products, customers ...

The visual office by the LEAN OFFICE

The LEAN Office range of products is a set of tools that simplify administrative flows and visual management in the offices, focusing on quality and quantity while combining ease of display with a friendly atmosphere of a reception area.

LEANDYNAMIC The universal dynamic storage

The new LEANDYNAMIC system can be compared to a supermarket installed close to the production line. Priority is given to line side productivity. Custom adaptation is the SESA SYSTEMS philosophy.

LEAN Enterprise WORLD LEADER 2019

The R&D and industrial production units are consistently working on innovative solutions, and design and manufacture these new products with their aluminium design in France, under the SESA SYSTEMS name. Over 8 patented products, 240 registered models and almost 150 new products are manufactured each year by SESA SYSTEMS increasing the performance of your production sites.

White book Ergonomics and LEAN

Ergonomics in your Offices and Workshops